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Crepes No Ka 'Oi is owned and operated by Chris and Rosario "Kakay" Tarvyd.  Chris grew up going to Tahiti just about every summer since 1979 and there he fell in love with the crepe trucks on the wharf in Papeete.  Those summers in French Polynesia, combined with several more in Europe, spurred a lifelong love of crepes.


Kakay grew up in the Visayas, Philippines.  One of her favorite restaurants in Cebu was a creperie that she would frequent often with her friends.  She came to adore the crepes they made with fresh local fruit and when she moved from there she always found herself craving this sweet delicacy.


While at a Farmer's Market here in Hawaii, Chris and Kakay saw the success of several plate lunch vendors.  It looked hard, but certainly fun and rewarding, so they sought out an idea of their own.  They're not quite sure who came up with the idea of crepes as some of their first dates were in a creperie in Manila, Philippines, but they knew it would be a hit.


At the time nobody else was selling crepes at fairs and festivals on Oahu and at their first event they were met with an overwhelming response.  Since then, they have participated in most of the large events on the island.


Open since 2008, their restaurant features an eclectic mix of local gourmet crepes along with their best-sellers that their customers at festivals have come to love.


The literal translation of no ka ‘oi:

'the best'; a common sequence that can only follow nouns, as in Maui no ka ‘oi, Maui is the best.

We truly feel that by only using fresh, real ingredients can you produce the best tasting crepe. Add service with a smile and you’ve got a winner. We were honored and surprised when we even had a Frenchman tell us that ours was the best crepe he’s ever that's a compliment!!! We hope you’ll come and see us to judge for yourself. We're sure you'll agree we are 'No Ka 'Oi'!
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